About Us

Markville Montessori & Private School welcomes students to a warm and inviting learning environment. Our school consists of staff who are friendly and responsive to families, and who reflect a "sense of family" in their actions, beliefs, and language. We offer enriched academic learning that meets individual learning needs. Our small class sizes provide a rich environment for quality interaction between students and teachers. We are dedicated to inspiring young minds!

Remote Learning Program

Our Remote Learning program utilizes Google Classroom and Google Meet to provide an enhanced virtual learning experience.

Students have a full day schedule from 9:00AM - 3:30PM, with 4.5 hours of online classes and 1 hour of offline learning tasks.

Online classes (synchronous learning) focus on all core elementary subjects: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, French, Health and Physical Education, and The Arts. Where applicable, teachers facilitate extended academic content that is above grade-average learning.

All student work is consistently submitted to be reviewed and for teachers to leave feedback. Ongoing communication between parents and teachers allows for and encourages meaningful parent-involvement in their child's learning.

Offline tasks (asynchronous learning) involve use of technology applications for students to independently practice learned skills. Teachers monitor and assess all learning progress.

We aim to meet individual learning needs and offer multiple learning styles. Students have lots of opportunities to participate in a variety of special virtual learning events that reinforce learned concepts and provide authentic educational experiences.

Montessori Program

We are dedicated to help foster the growth and development of your child, through using the Montessori education methods developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. Students are natural learners who explore and experience learning by using Montessori materials and hands-on lessons. Our students learn how to interact with others, develop practical daily life skills, and prepare to enter a more arduous curriculum in higher grades.

Children have a natural love or learning. We nurture that love to discover their potential!

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